Accufire Noctis V1

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Product Overview

  • Four CR132 batteries last 5+ hours, or power it from a USB power bank for extended usage.
  • Get closer than ever possible using an Accufire digital optic.
  • From ballistic calculations to a crisp digital zoom, 16 patents protect technologies only available to Accufire.
  • With our included illuminator, see clearly at night to 300 yards. 
  • The Accufire Noctis V1 is an advanced digital optic that brings clarity to your hunting experience. Unlike thermal competitors, our infrared technology allows a user to accurately identify the target rather than relying on unclear heat signatures.
  • We are always evolving to be our best. Update your scope using a USB cable attached to your computer to download regular updates to the platform
  • Our platform allows users to trust that the Accufire Noctis V1 will return to zero even if you move it between guns. With the ability to store data for multiple calibers, simply save and update your caliber of choice and always be ready. 
  • The Accufire Noctis V1 includes everything you need to hunt day or night. With its included illuminator, darkness is no longer a factor. 
Features Accufire Noctis v1
Magnification: 1x - 16x
Field of view: 31.2 ft at 100 meters
Objective lens: 60 mm
Display: 2.95 inch AMOLED HD 
Video Record Resolution: 1920x1080 HD
Ballistic Calculator: Yes
Wifi (Streaming, Gallery): iOS & Andriod 
3D Gyroscope: Yes


(No reviews yet) Write a Review